About Alicia Stewart

Alicia Stewart grew up in New Jersey just a stones throw from Philadelphia. You could say that the creative forces of Philadelphia helped to craft the “no holds barred” soulful sound of the gifted vocalist, however much of her influence was instilled in her from a young age. “I admit that the creative pulse of Philadelphia runs through my veins, but I give a lot of credit to my parents,” explains the stunning songbird. “They really set the stage and gave me a platform from which I could grow in to myself as a true artist.”

Her self-titled, debut EP is a glimpse into the life of a young woman who has made it her mission to put her heart out on the line. She gives listeners a landscape to experience passion, fearlessness, love, desire, hurt, and empowerment. “I’ve put a lot of what I know, gone through, and learned, into this album. Life is complex, and I tried to hit most of the marks. I’ve even drawn inspiration from the music that my father introduced to me. If you hear organ in my music, I probably got that from all of the Jimmy Smith that he would play.”

With a binder full of lyrics, some rough demo recordings, and a shoestring budget, she sought out producer, Tim Sonnefeld, who shared her vision of creating a musical sense of community that could connect with her true feelings. She would co-produce the EP alongside Tim and her husband Alonzo Lister. “It was really important to make sure that the authenticity of what I was feeling in my heart was truly captured in these recordings. Nothing, and I mean nothing, else would do. I’d bring in music to listen to, or we would search Youtube, and find inspiration in artists that my father would always play like Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons and Marvin Gaye. I can’t even remember everything we listened to.”

The rising diva’s self-penned songs demonstrate her unique ability to blend vintage R&B/soul, classic hip-hop and pop sensibilities. Her powerhouse delivery of “Can’t Fake This” and “Just Getting By” proves that she can hold her own amongst the musical icons that have inspired her throughout her career. She’ll make you feel summer love with the single “Crazy” and “Surrender” and take you through love’s redemption with “Truth (Hurts So Bad).” Listeners are sure to be captivated by the element of storytelling, combined with Alicia’s powerful vocals, but most of all, it resonates with everyday life and simple human nature. “People know when it comes from the heart. They connect with someone that puts it out there and that was the focus of my efforts, putting myself out there. These are not someone else’s stories or fantasies. The music on this album represents who I am, and I hope that people connect with that.”